Exhibition Insurance arousing Popular Interests day by day

Today, in the midst of that under the wise leadership of the Party, the might of self-supporting national economy is strengthened incomparably and the political, economic and cultural exchange and cooperation with many other countries are developing actively in many fields, several international exhibitions such as Pyongyang International Trade Fair open successfully in our country every year.

Korea National Insurance Corporation, the reputable state-owned insurance corporation with a history of over 70 years, is underwriting exhibition insurance contracts to compensate the various economic losses of the participants from the natural disasters and unexpected accidents and create conditions favorable to their foreign trade activities.

In the past, we made insurance contracts with many companies at home and abroad to meet their convenience during exhibition.

We will contribute to enhancing the safety and prestige of the exhibition and encouraging the participants to take part in the exhibition holding in our country by raising the IT-based and scientific level of insurance business to a new stage.