Construction and Erection Insurance being pushed forward actively

Today, holding up the principle of our state first and marching towards prosperity, wealth and power, Workers’ Party of Korea is unfolding a golden age of construction on this land in a large way in order to renovate State’s appearance and provide people with a greater happiness.

Presently under an environment where a large scale construction campaign is going on in all parts of the country including Pyongyang, the capital city, to build a nest of happiness for people, the results and creatures which people like, await and rejoice such as the construction of dwelling apartments and houses of fifty thousands of households, the third stage of construction of Samjiyon City and the construction of dwelling houses of Komdok District, provinces, cities and counties across the country, Korea National Insurance Corporation is unprecedentedly and vigorously working to insure a great number of projects under construction with its construction and erection insurance policies.

The Corporation is surveying these construction projects at site in close association with the principals and contractors concerned and offering them technical recommendation for improvement in risk management and loss prevention to complete the projects within a fixed date, thus making an active contribution to the economic development of the country and the enhancement of people’s living.