Organization of Various Classes of Insurance for Foreign-Invested Enterprises

Now a nationwide campaign is underway to implement a new 5-years plan set forth at the 8th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

Thanks to the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un’s ennobling affection for the people, large-scale projects for building houses are going on in Songsin and Songhwa District and Pothong riverside district, and the apartment houses are presenting their magnificent appearances now.

On the other hand, many monumental edifices of the era of the Workers’ Party of Korea, such as hydropower stations, factories and modern houses are mushrooming throughout the country.

In the present circumstance, the Korea National Insurance Corporation is conducting insurance activities for foreigners resident in our country and their invested enterprises in various forms and by various methods, keeping pace with the developing domestic insurance business.

The Corporation provides a coverage not only against loss of or damage to the property, motor vehicle, construction and cargo contributing to the promotion of their business management, but also against personal accident for the sake of their employees’lives, and applies also a package of several coverage so that the convenience of the insured could be readily met.

The Corporation will constantly streamline its business activities on an IT, scientific and modern basis in line with the realistic requirements of the country developing day by day and keeping up with the global insurance trend, so as to ensure the principle of creditability and fairness of insurance.

The KNIC will do its best to provide its customers with better insurance coverage and environment in the future.