Motor Carrier's Liability Insurance in the DPR Korea

At the Eighth Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea held this year, the land and maritime transport was presented with an important task of building an integrated management system of automotive transport and putting transport command on an IT basis so as to ease the strain on transport.

Today, in our country, amidst a vigorous struggle for building a socialist economic giant under the wise leadership of the Party, the production has become invigorated on all fronts of the national economy and the construction field has been enjoying prosperity, which have led to an increase in the quantity of goods transported such as raw and other materials, goods and commodities, together with the growing demand for transport.

In particular, the volume of road transport of cargoes has increased recently as the days go by and has boosted the demand of transport industry for Motor Carrier’s Liability Insurance.

Once the integrated management system of automotive transport is built and the IT-based transport command is translated into practice in the near future, the road transport of cargoes will boom faster than demand, bringing about a significant improvement in risk management.

Under such favourable circumstances, the Corporation will endeavour to expand the motor carrier’s liability insurance business by keeping a grip on the transport centres all over the country and improving the level of service to best suit the needs of customers.