The Traveller’s Insurance contributing to the protection of passengers’ lives and to the stability and betterment of their living in our country

For the Workers’ Party of Korea whose political idea of sanctity is a people-first principle, nothing can be more important than to realize the interests and requirements of people to the letter.

In our country today, a vigorous struggle is in full swing to resolutely break through the existing threats and challenges and make a new leap forward and a clear advance in the construction of our own-style socialism by strengthening our own power, our own driving force, in every direction.

Last year, the Korea National Insurance Corporation made an active contribution to the protection of passengers’ lives and to the stability and improvement of their living by further expanding and developing its Traveller’s Insurance class for the passengers who make the use of public transport means, upholding a slogan, “Everything for the people and everything by relying on them”, in order to carry through a Party and State’s ideology to love and respect people and to give a foremost importance to them.

In addition, the Corporation pushed ahead with a research work aimed at surveying losses on an objective and scientific basis through the active use of technical and modern checking and measuring means, and would introduce the research results timely on a planned manner to give full play to the vitality of a popular policy of insurance.