Product Quality Guaranty Insurance will contribute to improving the people’s standard of living

Today, based on the solid foundation of the self-supporting economy and by relying on science and technology, the nationwide struggle is being waged in our country to bring about  a great leap forward in production with self-reliance as the key to prosperity in order to make a breakthrough in revitalizing the national economy and writing a new history of self-development.

Under the wise leadership of our Party, strenuous efforts are being exerted to briskly improve and perfect a multi-faceted structure of the self-supporting economy that is capable of satisfying the material demands by our own efforts, resources and technology as well as a comprehensive production structure ranging from raw materials to finished goods.

Projects for introducing latest sci-tech achievements into production and establishing integrated manufacturing systems are now actively underway in factories and enterprises across the country, thereby providing further stimulus to making production lines and packaging process remote-controlled, fully automated and multi-functional.

Production of popular commodities and world competitive products is giving new impetus to providing our people with an affluent and cultured life.

Last year, Korea National Insurance Corporation has rendered great service to the normalization of production at factories and enterprises and to the satisfaction of public needs for better quality of products by raising the IT-based and scientific level of insurance business to a new stage as well as by introducing a new insurance business, Product Quality Guaranty Insurance, through the on-line insurance service system against risks to the quality of all products including electronic goods produced and distributed nationwide.

We will strive to enhance the vitality of the people-oriented insurance policy by way of systematical introduction of the achievements made not only in improving the risk management by use of scientific and reasonable methods of quality engineering, but also in the study into making the loss survey more scientific and objective based on the up-to-date inspection technology and measuring instruments.