People- Oriented Insurance Policy: Traveller’s Insurance

Thanks to the people-oriented policies of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the government which give top and absolute priority to the people’s interests, the Korean people are enjoying many benefits, one of them being the traveller’s insurance for the citizens who travels abroad.

With the dignity and national strength of the country increasing remarkably and its external prestige being enhanced day by day, international exchanges with foreign countries which respect the DPRK’s sovereignty and are friendly to it are becoming more brisk now. Reflecting this trend, many official delegations and individuals are visiting other countries.

The more the travelers are, the higher is the rate of incidence of accidents during their travel. To cite a typical example, the number of casualties by plane crash, traffic accident and natural disaster is growing in several countries.

Proceeding from this, the Korea National Insurance Coporation effected a traveller’s insurance for the Korean citizens who travel on business to foreign countries in order to instantly cover the damage in case of any injuries caused by accidents during their overseas travel.

This type of insurance covers all the expenses including for medical assistance for the safety of the travellers in case of their injuries by accidents when they are staying in or travelling to other countries for a short period for external work and exchanges such as international conferences, visits, internships and sports games.

For example, if a citizen of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is injured by car accident during overseas travel, he is taken to a hospital of that country and get medical services like examination, diagnosis, first aid, treatment and repatriation, according to the rules and regulations of that country, and the hospital asks the patient to pay for the medical services.

In that case the state bears all the financial obligations for the injured-this is the people-oriented insurance policy of the state that defends the safety of its citizens at its expenses.

The travellers who have taken out this insurance are enjoy its guarantee from the start to the end of their travel-from the moment of getting on the means of travel to the moment of getting off, and they get insurance coverage for all the payment they have made for accidents that occurred during the travel.

Insurance coverage includes payment for first-aid in a foreign country, transport from that country and the like.

Payment for first aid includes all the expenses for medical treatment including ambulance use, first-aid treatment, examination and diagnosis, treatment, operation, hospitalization and medicine, and payment for transport includes the expenses for sending back and other extra expenses.

As seen above, the traveller’s insurance is a product of the people-oriented policy of the Party and the state, which give top and absolute priority to people’s interests, including those of the citizens working in foreign countries, with parental affection.