Gift for the People

In October Juche 107(2018), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un gave on-site guidance at the near-to-inauguration Samjiyon Orchestra Theatre.

The Moranbong Acrobatic Theatre, with the longest history among the theatres in the country, had been renovated as the one for the Samjiyon Orchestra with a perfect natural acoustic auditorium and without changing its unique architectural style.

Looking round the exterior and interior of the theatre for hours, he listened to the rendition by the Samjiyon Orchestra in various places of the auditorium and compared the acoustic characteristics.

He said that the sound in the auditorium was so wonderful and the natural sounds of musical instruments were sustained without any change, adding that the rendition of orchestra was heard clean and delicate and it gave emotionally comfortable feelings thanks to good sounds, which also added up to the elegance of the orchestra.

He expressed great satisfaction, calling the theatre an innovative and successful one in terms of architectural acoustics.

Saying that the theatre would be another wonderful gift for the people who were greeting the 73rd anniversary of the WPK, he congratulated all the artistes of the orchestra on receiving a new theatre.

The officials and other employees of the theatre made up their minds to maintain the theatre, a precious treasure and property of the people, in a proper way and conduct service activities on the highest level, thereby giving fuller play to the advantages of the people-centered socialist system of their country.