As a People’s Resort

In August Juche 107(2018), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un provided field guidance at the hot spring area in Yangdok County, South Phyongan Province.

High in temperature, rich in sulfur content and extremely small in radon content, the county’s hot springs have been estimated not only as ones with considerable amounts of gush and great pharmacological actions and treatment efficacy but also as uncontaminated ones free from ammonium, nitrous acid, nitric acid ion and pathogenic microorganisms.

So the country, with a determination to develop this area into a comprehensive recuperation and recreational resort, directed great efforts to the project.

Kim Jong Un went round the hot springs in the Onjong-ri area, climbing high and low mountains and steep passes despite pouring shower, to learn about the amounts of gush and the surrounding environment.

Yangdok County is a place appropriate for building a health resort for its high mountains with lush and fresh verdure, clean air and beautiful scenery as well, he said, designating the site for a hotel. He also pointed to the need to build individual lodgings and different kinds of modern welfare service facilities around the hotel and outdoor bathrooms for diverse hot spring services.

Only when the service personnel of the People’s Army, creators of the people’s happiness and pioneers of civilization, undertake the development project of the area, can the project make a fast progress as intended by the Party, he said, adding that the KPA should take full responsibility for the project and present it to the people.

In October, Kim Jong Un again provided field guidance at the construction site of the hot spring resort in Yangdok County, South Phyongan Province.

Expressing his satisfaction on hearing the report that the service personnel who had arrived at the construction site were on standby with all preparations for the project made in high spirits, he said that he felt relieved as the project planned by the Party was entrusted to the combined unit of the KPA, which was powerful and experienced.

He encouraged the officers and men of the unit famous for their a–match-for-a-hundred combat efficiency to be in the spotlight by demonstrating their mettle once again in the construction of the hot spring resort without fail and to live up to the Party’s expectations and trust.

We are undertaking a number of projects for the cultural and leisure activities of the people and this is not because we have especially advantageous conditions or are rich, he said. Each of them is a creation that is being set up in the face of all difficulties according to the firm determination and strong will of the Party to put our people who are best in the world on the peak of socialist civilization at an early date, he noted, adding that the service personnel should wonderfully build another structure for the people as the one that we can be proud of in the eyes of the world, as befit their admirable sons and daughters and the creators of their happiness, bearing deep in mind the trust of the Party which entrusted to them the whole project, the first of its kind in the history of the country.

Cherishing the trust of the Supreme Commander in mind, the service personnel turned out as one to accelerate the completion of the project.