Farm with Great Profitability

In August Juche 107(2018), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the Samchon Catfish Farm.

The officials and other employees of the farm had spruced up their enterprise and overfulfilled the annual production plan by giving free rein to the fighting spirit of self-reliance based on modern science and technology.

He noted: This farm is the frontrunner in the country’s catfish breeding; General Kim Jong Il had it built to supply plenty of fish to the people and service personnel in the early period when he opened up a new history of catfish culture; the farm should demonstrate the honour as a farm that contributes actively to improving the dietary life of the people and service personnel and as a farm that substantially gives benefits to them, by producing catfish every year at full capacity, now that it has been renovated by the Party with much care.

Seeing the blocks of frozen catfish in the cold storage, he said that they looked like stacks of gold ingot, repeatedly praising the farm as a real treasure farm. He stressed that all the officials and other employees of the farm should greet the 70th anniversary of the DPRK with proud achievements by boosting production while burning their hearts with one mind to defend and implement the Party’s policy on fish culture.

The farm is waging a vigorous struggle to overfulfil the target of catfish production upholding the banner of putting catfish breeding on a Juche-oriented, scientific, intensive and industrial footing.