To Make Quality Products

In July Juche 107(2018), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the Wonsan Honoured Disabled Soldiers’ Bag Factory.

Noting that bringing up the rising generations as dependable heirs to the revolution is a consistent policy of the WPK, he said that the Party had advanced the idea of attaching importance to educating the rising generations and has been making efforts to provide the children and students across the country with our school things, uniforms and bags in the face of difficult conditions just to ensure that they grow up to be the pillars of the country enjoying the benefits of the socialist system to their heart’s content.

We should ensure that our children and students use things of our own making and everything needed for educating the rising generations should be provided even at state expense, he said, adding that this has an important bearing on implanting the spirit of patriotism in the people from their childhood.

He continued: Bearing deep in mind the Party’s intentions, officials should devote much effort and work in a responsible way to improve the quality of school bags; they should make these bags as the children’s and students’ mothers would do; it is a wish of parents to give their children with good bags; it is the Party’s intention that all bags should be made with the feeling of mothers.

He said that as most of the factory employees were honoured disabled soldiers, good conditions and environment for living and working should be provided, stressing that the honoured disabled soldiers who are working with their former spirit of defending the country should be given preferential treatment in society so that they can devote their warm feeling for the rising generation in a worthwhile way.

After his on-the-spot guidance, the factory brought about innovations to produce more school bags of better quality.