Base of Public Welfare Service Representative of Pyongyang

In June Juche 107(2018), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un looked round the newly-built Pyongyang Taedonggang Fish Restaurant.

Furnished with different sizes of indoor tanks teeming with freshwater and sea fishes, dining rooms of various forms and counters selling processed fish, the restaurant cooks and serves on the spot various kinds of dishes of delicious fishes according to the order of visitors.

Saying that he had appreciated the design and building work on receiving the report on the construction of the restaurant from the sector concerned and that he came to see it with his own eyes, he spoke highly of the restaurant and named it the Pyongyang Taedonggang Fish Restaurant.

Looking round different places of the restaurant, he expressed great satisfaction over the fact that the soldier-builders did another good thing for the people. He said that another public welfare base representative of Pyongyang like Okryu Restaurant made its appearance.

Looking at sturgeon, Ryongjong fish, salmon, rainbow trout and other delicious fishes swimming in indoor tanks and counters selling processed fish, he said the people would be delighted if they were served with delicious and nutritious dishes made with live fish and processed fish in all seasons.

While looking around a family dining room, Korean restaurant and others, he instructed that the facility should ensure that our working people enjoy foreign foods as well as traditional foods with their families and the foreigners on a visit to our country enjoy themselves there.

The Taedonggang Fish Restaurant is bringing pleasure to the people as a public welfare service facility.