To Provide the People with Delicious Fishes

In August Juche 107(2018), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un gave field guidance at the Yonphungho Fish Stocking Station.

Lake Yonphung has favourable conditions for raising mandarin fish, so a breeding base for mandarin fish egg hatching and fry raising was built there.

Kim Jong Un said that in line with its mission as a breeding base, this station should mass-produce fry of mandarin fish and other fishes and release them into Lake Yonphung.

Stressing that protecting and propagating the aquatic resources in the country is an honourable, patriotic undertaking for the coming generations, he said that fish breeding bases like this station should be built and managed efficiently, and a mass campaign for protecting and propagating aquatic resources should be conducted by relying on advanced science and technology.

If stocking and fishing is activated in natural water areas, we can supply our people with large amounts of fishes of high quality like mandarin fish after a few years, he said, and continued:

Cage-net fish farming should be encouraged in the reservoirs created after the construction of the tiered power stations on the river Chongchon; provinces, cities and counties should be efficient in building fish breeding bases according to their specific situations and in releasing fry; only then can they steadily protect and propagate aquatic resources and improve the people’s living standards.

After looking around the station he said the officials and other employees of the station should vigorously advance bearing in their minds the plans and intentions of the Party, so as to bring earlier the day when the lake would be full of mandarin fishes.

The officials and other employees of the station expressed their determination to increase the aquatic resources true to the Party’s policy of protecting aquatic resources, so as to supply the people with larger amounts of delicious fishes.