To Take the Lead in the Country

In July, Juche 107(2018), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the Songdowon General Foodstuff Factory.

The factory, which began operation in January 2010, is producing 150 kinds of confectionery and processed foodstuffs favoured by the people.

Noting that this factory was gaining popularity recently and that the increasing popularity and demand for its products meant that the factory was working efficiently, he said that the officials and other employees of the factory should vigorously push forward with putting its production on a regular footing and its management on a scientific and modern footing so as to enrich the people’s life and prove the validity of Party policy.

He continued: As I have already said, Kangwon Province must not yield the first place in the efforts for implementing Party policy; the spirit of this province is a spirit of our days, which can be likened to the Chollima spirit that produced the era of Chollima in the days of postwar reconstruction; the essence of this spirit is self-reliance and self-sustenance; and its core is the view that Party policy must be implemented without any conditions attached and the stand that one must carve out one’s way by one’s own efforts with the attitude that no others can take one’s place in implementing Party policy.

He stressed that Kangwon Province should always take the lead in the country in the political, economic, cultural and all other fields.

Today the province is setting examples in all these fields, and the whole country is emulating it.