For a Boom in Offshore Fish Farming

In July, Juche 107(2018), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un gave field guidance at the Offshore Salmon Farm and the Atlantic Salmon Pedigree Farm.

Looking round the Offshore Salmon Farm, he underlined the need to positively introduce advanced technology in order to put offshore and cage-net fish farming on a scientific and industrial basis and to direct big efforts to preserving the uncontaminated ecological environment of the sea at a high level so as to expand the water areas fit for breeding Atlantic salmon and produce the fish in large numbers in many different places.

The level of scientification, automation and modernization in the production of processed salmon should be elevated, the hygienic security and quality be strictly guaranteed and the standardization and specification realized, he said.

Touring the Atlantic Salmon Pedigree Farm, he pointed to the need to put egg collection, hatching and fry breeding on a normal track and intensify research into vegetable feed so as to ensure its mass-production, and to make steady efforts to establish a scientific pedigree preservation system and keep breeding fish from degenerating.

He also stressed the necessity to positively preserve the marine resources and ecological environment of the country as an undertaking involving the whole Party, the entire state and all the people, carry on offshore farming and freshwater fish farming on an extensive scale and consistently press on with the large-scale stocking of fry.

With Offshore Salmon Farm and the Atlantic Salmon Pedigree Farm wonderfully set up, sufficient material and technological foundations were laid for ensuring its farming in a safe ecological environment.