Laughter in an Amusement Park

On October 2, 1977, Chairman Kim Jong Il visited the newly built Taesongsan Amusement Park.

After looking at the park for a good while, he said with satisfaction that the park had been built so excellently that the people of Pyongyang, including children, would love it.

Then he looked round every amusement facility.

Presently, dusk began to settle, cold autumn wind blew at the ancient fort on Mt. Taesong, and officials asked him several times to take leave.

Kim Jong Il said:

“How can we open the amusement facilities to our children without any hesitation when we have not seen them even once?

We may not come here often, so let’s look round all of them though we may be late.”

Then he asked what was the next amusement facility, and led the officials there.

The next one was Mad Mouse.

Kim Jong Il walked to it and was getting on it, when officials hurriedly approached him and said he must not try as it was already dark.

Kim Jong Il asked the officials if there was anyone who had tried the Mad Mouse.

No one could answer.

Still smiling, Kim Jong Il said: Our people will enjoy themselves on this facility, so I have to try it. So don’t worry. And it will not be dreadful when one rides it in the dark.

When the facility carrying Kim Jong Il arrived at the terminal, the officials, who were watching him with apprehension, rushed to him.

Getting off the facility, Kim Jong Il said: The elderly who would be here with their grandchildren would feel frightened to see the facility which dashes here and there in the air, saying to the grandchildren, “No, there might be an accident.” But if they knew that we had tried it, they would say, “Yes, please try.”

He then burst out laughing.

Officials around him, too, joined in the laughter.