“Crying Faces Are Not Photogenic”

On March 12, 1976, Chairman Kim Jong Il enjoyed the presentation of works by the first graduates of Pyongyang Acrobatics School.

While seeing the works one by one, he said that the graduates were more skilful than the professional acrobats.

An official suggested that he see other works on another occasion, saying that lunchtime was approaching.

Kim Jong Il said the young acrobats were performing stunts so skilfully that he was not aware of the time passing. He told them to go on.

Presently, three persons began to swing in the air, displaying beautiful and elegant movements.

Kim Jong Il saw that it was a new work and applauded before anybody else, saying that the three persons were moving like one and they looked like triplets.

After watching the presentation, Kim Jong Il gave instructions on the development of the Juche-based acrobatics.

When he was about to leave the place, the students rushed to him, and asked him to do them a favour.

Smiling, he asked them what the favour could be.

“We want to pose for a photo with you as a memento of graduation.”

“Yes, let’s. We should have a photo taken on this happy and meaningful day. Please.”

So pleased, the students could not suppress the welling tears.

Kim Jong Il said, stroking their shoulders, “Well, stop crying and come on here. Crying faces are not photogenic.”

Soothing them, he said again, “First by a black and white film and then by a colour film.”

Before leaving, he said that they should give an additional touching to their works and so they could stage a performance in front of President Kim Il Sung to show him the wonderful skills of the acrobats of a new generation.