Trial Ride

One day Kim Jong Un accompanied General Kim Jong Il on his visit to the Kaeson Youth Park, in which the amusement facilities were on trial prior to the inauguration ceremony of the park.

In front of Volare resembling a unit of space shuttles ready to fly in formation, the General said that officials should have a ride on them to ensure that visitors would feel at ease with the facility. When he instructed his entourage to ride on the shuttles, Kim Jong Un stepped forward. The officials tried to dissuade him, who dug his heels in.

He got into a shuttle, saying that he must have a ride on it as it would be used by the people. He reassured the officials, joking that they would travel together in outer space.

He grasped the control wheel and joked:

It is time for me to parade my bravery.

The facility was switched on and the “pilots” were all happy to find that the shuttles were safe.