Frames Cut Off

On March 28, 1970, Chairman Kim Jong Il was going over the rushes of the Korean feature film The Fate of a Self-defence Corps Man. At one scene he had the projector suspended.
Then he pointed out that the scene and the music did not match, and asked the director and the musician why frames were cut off.
They looked in wonder at each other.
He asked them to repeat the scene, but they could not find any discrepancy.
He remarked that they should have discovered the music was a bit slower.
He said, “I am sure frames were cut off. Find them out.”
They scavenged through the heaps of frames that were left over after editing.
It took quite a long time to find the frames that were connected with the scene in question.
Twenty four frames were projected per second, so 23 frames were in the blink of an eye.
The following day, Chairman Kim Jong Il came to the studio and saw the rushes again.
He said, “You’ve found them out. You must have taken much trouble. Now the scene is in perfect harmony with the music.”