Nightmare Hour

On February 24, 2007, there was a rehearsal for the artistic perfor-mance The Blue Sky over My Country (Dawn).

That evening Chairman Kim Jong Il summoned an official who   had officiated at the rehearsal and asked him about the result.

The latter replied that it was successful.

Chairman Kim Jong Il said that the creative workers must have ta-ken much trouble to make adjustments to the performance in a few  days, and then asked when the rehearsal began.

“It began at 11 a.m. and ended at noon,” answered the official.

Chairman Kim Jong Il asked in surprise, “You mean the rehear- sal was held in the morning?”

The official stood dumbfounded, whom he reproached for having   poor knowledge of vocal music.

He said, “To vocalists 11 a.m. is the worst hour. They say they can’t sing well in the morning even after three hours’ vocalizing. So they call it a nightmare hour.”

The phrase sounded strange to the official, who had already known that morning hours were less favourable for singers than afternoon  hours. He was not aware that 11 a.m. was such an awful hour for  vocalists.

Noting that artistic performances are organized in the evening, not  in the morning, in foreign countries, Chairman Kim Jong Il emphasized that officials in the sector of musical art should be knowledgeable enough. …