Playing Area in a Department Store

The Pyongyang Children’s Department Store was renovated at the same time as the construction of Changjon Street. Inside the building there is a playing area of a unique design, which always bustles with children.

The following is how this area was set up.

It was in May in 2012 that Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the department store for the first time.

Looking round the department store, he commented that its floor space was very wide and stressed that inside it there should be a playing area for children, as well as the counters.

It was quite a surprise to the accompanying officials and the staff of the department store, as it was a shop devoted to the sale of children’s goods.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un explained that while adults were doing the rounds of the counters to buy goods, children could spend their time playing their favorite games or reading books in the playing area, adding that this was conducive to the development of their intelligence.

Later, before the department store was opened to the public, he had 2 296 recreational apparatuses of 28 kinds sent to it, including car, slide, mushroom house, tunnel, monster and palm island.