An Astute Proposal

When guided to a classroom at Pyongyang Kyongsang Kindergarten,    Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un found it stuffy as the hottest season of the year was about to set in.

He asked the directress of the kindergarten what the room temperature was. The latter explained that it was difficult to keep normal temperature in the rooms of her kindergarten on sultry or cold days.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un read her mind and laughed, saying that she must be asking him for air-conditioners. Then he inquired about how they would remove moisture. Noting that air-conditioners were essential to the normal temperature of the rooms, he said that as she made such a suggestion with trust in him, he would regard it as his own task and carry it out without fail.

After a moment’s thought he told officials that she broached a very important problem in a low voice and it was an astute proposal.

There was a burst of laughter, making the directress turn scarlet from embarrassment.

As if comforting her, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un said that she made the suggestion directly to him because she had a high sense of responsibility for her duty, adding that other officials should follow suit and make persistent efforts to carry through their tasks.