“Comrade-in-Arms of the Supreme Commander”

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un said:

“The members of the Korean Children’s Union should always remember the great trust in and care for them shown by the great Generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il and, just as sunflowers turn towards the sun, make positive efforts to learn from the glorious childhood of the Generalissimos. You should steadfastly carry on the line of the revolution, flying the flags bearing the immortal smiling images of the Generalissimos in front of the KCU flag.”

The following happened on June 6, 2012, when all Korean children were spending this holiday with joy.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, together with over 20 000 model members of the KCU from across the country, enjoyed an artistic performance. After that, he had an amiable talk with some of them, before posing for a photograph.

Stroking their heads, he asked them where they had come from and what they would become when they grew up.

One replied a scientist and another, a doctor.

A boy beside him answered, standing at attention, that he would be a soldier. He looked full of confidence and ambition.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un seemed pleased at the boy’s reply and asked again what he would become after being discharged from the army.

The boy unhesitatingly said in a loud voice that he would serve in the army all his life.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un beamed as the son of an officer treasured weapons and was fully determined to glorify the Juche era by defending the country to the last moment of his life. 

He told the commanding officers in his company to pose for another photo with the boy as a token of their praise for his good reply.

Other children looking at the boy with envy, the commanding officers had another photo taken with him.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un told him that joining the army meant becoming a comrade-in-arms of the Supreme Commander.

Thanks to Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un’s great trust and affection all Korean children are growing up to be dependable successors to the Juche revolution.